Iron Renovation at Historic House in the Central West End

Front rails  Side view of Front top stair rails  Side view of Front rails    A view of both patio and basement rails  Closer view of curved rail    Curved patio rail 1  Another view of basement entrance rails  Patio Stair rails  Patio rails          Alley wall rails 1              

Our customers were renovating their 110 year old historic house located in the Central West End and wanted to change out the old & add new iron work with a heavier, bigger and bolder look.  First we had to remove all of the older existing gates and railings.  We then began the fabrication and installation of the “new look” using a few tons of iron.  All of the iron work (the gates & railings), with the exception of the alley brick wall railing, was fabricated using 3/4″ solid pickets, 3/8″ x 1 1/2″ solid horizontal bars, 1 1/2″ square solid posts, matching finials and heavy rail cap.  The alley brick wall railing was fabricated using 5/8″ solid pickets to accommodate a different finial style.  The iron work was painted with an electrostatic paint machine using semi gloss black enamel except the basement window guards (they were painted white).  Our customers were extremely pleased with the finished new look and took plenty of our business cards to pass out to admirers of the beautiful, hand-crafted, custom iron work!