Aluminum Spiral Staircase

20141130_194743     20141204_205835    20141204_205854     20141206_105749    20141206_203137    20141208_083736    20141214_172325    20141214_172352    20141215_080146    20141215_080209    20141226_103055    20141226_103107    20141226_103046    20141226_103025                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Our customer had an existing steel spiral staircase that the paint was peeling off of and wanted to replace it.  Since their other handrails on the deck were powder coated aluminum, they decided they wanted a powder coated aluminum spiral staircase to match.  You will notice wheels were added after fabrication for mobility to load on the trailer to take to the powder coating company and to the job site.  The removal of the old staircase required manually lifting and carrying it to the trailer as well as lifting and carrying the new staircase to the installation site.  Another satisfied customer!