Custom Food Bus Porch

The beginning platform  underneath view of beginning platform  Arches about to go up  Notches cut for top  the platform  starting to add addition  Added brace  platform installed  Railing, lights and skirting installed 


Our customer came to us with an idea of adding a covered porch onto the back of his food bus.  We designed a porch in autocad and worked with an engineer for a load analysis to meet our customer’s load requirements.  After the engineer approved our design, we began fabrication.  The porch was fabricated out of aluminum with a diamond treadplate floor & skirting.  Arches were rolled for the roof to match the profile of the bus.   New lights were installed and gutters were even added.  Now our customer has a custom built addition to cook and sell his Thai food more efficiently, not to mention he has a great conversation piece!