Steel & Red Oak Slab Conference Table

20150316_194457   20150320_145743   20150320_152105   20150320_151919   20150320_151651   Steel & Red Oak Slab Conference Table

Our customer had an idea to create a conference table using two slabs of beautiful red oak.  Their office contains several pieces of simple, functional raw steel (such as shelves, countertops, etc.) incorporated into the interior design. They wanted to create a table frame with the same raw steel look so they contacted us.  Their design also included a trough for power strip bars to power their computers, etc.  After the steel frame was welded, it was taken to be powder coated with a matte finish clear coat and then delivered to their office to attach the two slabs of red oak.  As you can see, this is a very breath-taking piece of art which will always be the first topic of conversation anytime their new clients enter the conference room!